Steer retains first place in global transport infrastructure deals for 2021

In January 2022, Inframation Deals released its project finance and league tables trend report for 2021.

We are proud to announce that Steer has retained its position of first place in number of transport infrastructure transactions. Steer acted as technical advisor for 28 deals that reached financial close in 2021, with a total transaction value of USD 11.4 billion for projects spanning across Europe, North America and Latin-America.


Infralogic: Global & RegionalLeague Tables 2021

Key transactions Steer supported in 2021 include:

  • Florence Tram Refinancing 2021, Italy
  • Terminal Investment Ltd Refinancing (2021), Switzerland
  • Camboa-Manizales Highway PPP, Colombia
  • NHAI Roads Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT) Acquisition (2021), India
  • EXI and EXI2 Highways Sale (Palmillas-Apaseo El Grande, OVT) (2021), Mexico
  • Transurban DC Roads Portfolio, USA
  • Vias del Nus Highway - Vinus, Colombia
  • Sao Paulo Metro Line 6 - Linha Universidade Bond Issuance, Brazil
  • Aydin-Denizli-Burdur Motorway PPP, Turkey
  • A65 Motorway Sale, France

Steer also retains third position in number of transactions across all sectors.

All sectors:

Infralogic: Global & RegionalLeague Tables 2021
* League table source:

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